Art fair in the former brewery KINDL

in Berlin, Germany, Neukölln, 2009, with Artworks from

Daniel Bosch

In the heart of Neukölln, Berlin / germany, lies the historic

Kindl Brewery, which has established itself since 2008 as a

young cultural location. The historic setting of the brewery,

built in 1873, whose rooms are almost intact, creates an ideal

atmosphere for young, unconventional art. 

The art fair BERLIN ARTTOWER (ART IN THE TOWER) 23rd to 27th

of September 2009 was held here in 2009 for the second time

as part of the international art fair "art forum berlin".

More than 200 international artists were in the historic

boiler house, the shower room and a large gallery room

in the former brewhouse on an area of over 2,000 square

meters to exhibit their works and projects..

The artist Daniel Bosch also exhibited here some of his


See below some impressions

of the art fair from 2009:

The End...

My thanks to A. Paul !